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 Character spotlight: Xanxus

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Character spotlight: Xanxus Empty
PostCharacter spotlight: Xanxus

So..I thought of Xanxus skills and got bored by his original manga moves.Because all he is doing is shoting with pistols.So I've done some altering to his skill set and this is what I've made so far.Feel free do discuss every move.Thx.
Xanxus - range/carry

Passive skill: Annihilation - Xanxus will be revived with 1/4 of his full hp.For the rest of the match or until 'Annihilation Final Shot' Xanxus will be in anger and all of his attacks and skills will be replaced by their alternative version.This skill works 1 time per match.

-Full drive [multi jump] - Xanxus shots the ground with flame bullet to jump higher.Also during this skill or normal jump he can dash in air by pressing attack.

-Weak bullet shot - Xanxus shots a bullet from his pistol.To continue fire press attack after each shot.
This skill will be replaced by 'Bullet Barrage' during 'Annihilation' which shots multiple bullets each second and will continue till Xanxus goes out of mana.

-Flame shot - Xanxus shots an more powerfull bullet which cause explosion when hits the target.
This skill will be replaced by 'Wrath Beam' during 'Annihilation' which shots a powerfull flame beam.

-Wrath flame - Xanxus is an owner of Wrath flame like the Second Vongola Boss.He sends this flame to destroy all enemies in its way.
This skill will be replaced by 'Infinite Anger' during 'Annihilation' which affects all enemies in the map.They will fall in fear ingoring all healing effects and be damaged.

-Flash step combat - Xanxus is one of the quickest characters in KHR series.He uses his pistols to gain very high speed and uses melee comat to fight his enemy.
This skill will be replaced by 'Headshot' during 'Annihilation' which shots a lying enemy and instanly kills it if hit.Xanxus will have 1 hp left,can't use this skill again and will ignore 'Annihilation' skill replacement for the rest of the match.After this skill is used, 'Annihilation: Final Shot' can be activated by pressing attack + jump.

-Annihilation: Final shot - Xanxus activates his passive skill and uses all of his powers to annihilate his enemies.He shots the ground several times to cause a giant explosion.After this skill is activated 'Annihilation' will end,but won't revive Xanxus again and Xanxus dies.

Character spotlight: Xanxus Zeroxis
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Character spotlight: Xanxus

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